Accent Lighting

Is your backyard missing something? Do you think adding some lighting around the perimeter would make your home feel more welcoming? Do you want professional advice? If you said yes, then it’s time to consider hiring a team of lighting enthusiasts to remedy the situation. Night Light Systems is the premier outdoor lighting design and installation team. We are located not too far from Fairfax, VA and serve all the nearby cities, such as Arlington, Rockville, and Bethesda. Our team knows how to efficiently install lights that will look beautiful, while not detracting from the beauty of your landscape.

Once the sun goes down, your landscape may become difficult to navigate. Many people avoid spending time outdoors at night for this reason. At Night Light Systems, we understand how to hang energy efficient lights that will create a warm, comforting ambiance. Instead of making the space blindingly bright, we believe that less is more. Our accent lighting solutions are sure to make your backyard more inviting for yourself and guests. You’ll be surprised by how much our strategically placed light will improve your landscape.

The team at Night Light Systems is professional. All the lights used are high quality and guaranteed to last. You won’t find better lighting pros anywhere else in the neighborhood. Let us transform your dark yard into one you’ll never want to leave. If you are near Fairfax, VA or another nearby city, Night Light Systems is the place to call for all your accent lighting needs. Our less is more attitude means you’ll get a properly lit home that still shows off the pure beauty of your landscape.